Office design & fit out works

New office space

If its your first time handling an office move it can be very daunting. Don't worry though CPM Group are on hand to advise you and support you every step of the way. We can provide professional services for the pre-construction and post construction phases to ensure you have everything you need covered and advise on how to avoid any potential pitfalls. We work with clients in a very open and collaborative way so you always know what to do next. So don't worry if you are not sure what you should or shouldn't be doing, we will help you deliver a succesful project working with you before, during and after the works.

Property interior conversion


CPM Group London have worked with property investors and developers over the years. We have helped convert building use from commercial to residential and repurposed buildings that may have been purchased in an distressed state. This can often be complex especially in old or historic buildings where structural alteration solutions are required with architectural design work and works are required to be sympathetic and in keeping with the style and period of the building and its environment. We have succesfully delivered various projects of this nature ensuring the investor is always the key decision maker.

Project Management

Our Expertise

Our clients can benefit from our experience on the many projects we have delivered each with unique challenges. Regardless of the project type and location; Office or property development, we have a structured method we follow to ensure you are not overburdened. As client you are the key decision maker but this will always be part of a clear and easy to understand pathway where we present you the options in a timely manner, make our recommendations and prompt you as required to ensure the project always stays on track and risks are eliminated.

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